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Aug 9, 2020

Tonight on NightDrive - fresh off the police scanner!  We're talking all the details of the Scooter DUI that took the local sheriff on a low speed Chase. We're interviewing some of the folks involved. And what are we going to do about this new public menace stemming from the 'Boomer Brewhalls?' Horace Wexler takes all of your calls and opinions tonight on NightDrive. 

Tonight's callers include:

  • Brenda Chartreuse - Hit by an intoxicated man on a scooter.
  • Sheriff Bud Nichols - to give us some insight into what they're doing to control this mess.
  • Lt. Gen. Albert Montauk -  Speaks on the currently closed Shoneys.
  • and Royston Bongdonor talks about why he was drunk on that scooter and what he's going to do to the other geriatric gang, the T-Ball Walkers if they're paths cross.

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