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Jan 20, 2023

We say goodbye to an absolute legend among alligators as he slips and slides away into that great big muddy swamp in the sky. (We're talking about Heaven.)

Tonight's callers include:

  • Duck Winters: How will he continue on without his best friend (and best earning) alligator.
  • Dr. Leonard 'Skinny' Scroggins: Shares his top three grieving tips. Has he solved the mystery of Mastica Ennui?
  • Plinth Forsythe: Regales us with the story of how Gator Greg Luganis was awarded a purple heart.
  • And others... 

So grab your tissues and your hankerchiefs! We're gonna share our memories of this big ole gator king and what he meant to us until our eyes run dry again.

This episode is brought to you by TK Cuddel's Doggeroo Smorgasbord and McGravay and Sons...And Also A Daughter Mortuary. 

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