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Sep 6, 2020

Tonight on NightDrive - We dive into the public health crisis affecting your face- Bored Mouth! We're talking to you about your symptoms, your fears and the disease in general. Thankfully we've got Dr. Scroggins with us tonight to help us find the answers and understand where we find ourselves in the middle of this mouth menace. Also he'll have some tips for sufferers.  

Tonight's callers include:

  • Lawrence - A 'Bored Mouth' sufferer who's got other painful facial symptoms.
  • A Health Care Worker from the Atocha Facility for Age Maximization and the scare they had there.
  • Dr. Leonard 'Skinny' Scroggins 
  • and a caller who only refers to himself as Hot Sauce Man who seems to be suffering from 'Bored Mouth' 

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