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Apr 28, 2021

Every. Five. Years. The alligators descend on our town in an amount that can only be described as a 'spring break's' worth of overly amorous alligators looking to breed and get their rocks off. In addition to it being wildly inconvenient it's real gross. 

Tonight's callers include:

  • Gator Farmer Duck Winters - with some...

Feb 11, 2021

It's Five pm... still... 

  • Tonight: Baking for Bombers!
  • Oh no! Papal Oopsie?
  • How to speak Florida
  • Sheep Update! What you must know if you have kids.

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Jul 26, 2020

It's 9:31 pm and time for a quick update of all the news that you need to know right here in Fakahatchee, Florida.

  • Tonight: Beach Alcoholic --Mikey DuSoleil Exonerate!
  • Restaurant launches exciting new eat free promotion!
  • Social Tech: Share your neighbor's experience
  • Hobo drought worsens
  • Sports! with Willy...

Mar 15, 2020

Tonight on NightDrive we've got a special interview with The Priest who hijacked a cropduster and sprayed the town with chaos! Why did he do it? Will he strike again? Where was your mind while this was happening. Also the Sand Wedge: Worst sandwich shop of all time? All this and your calls- Tonight!

Let's hear from you,...

Jan 15, 2020

LOST: One man's leg. Used

That's exactly the sort of thing we haven't heard as a loose limb has turned up on Main Street last night. And Alleyway Steve has been quick to capitalize on the situation turning it into Fakahatchee Florida's newest tourist attraction. Have you seen the leg? Horace Wexler wants to know!