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Feb 24, 2021

Put on your blazer with the leather on the elbows and pack your pipe! It's time to crack open some of the finest tomes in existence on NightDrive's first Literature Week. Let's talk books in front of a frighteningly large fireplace!

Tonight's callers include:

  • Skrit Chowderhorn- the big cheese of the T-ball walkers put the 8th Street Dust Kings on blast. Find out what he'll do to his rivals.
  •  Dr. Chester Minefield- Is there something going on in town? Why are there so many radio waves? Are they dangerous? And why does his twin sound so different?
  • Sheriff Nichols - Is our serial killer recruiting an accomplice? also arson updates! And what he's trying to do about William Briden Ave. 
  • And as always your calls and opinions.

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And a very special thank you to the following people who helped make this episode possible: Clayton Meeks, Evan Gaustad, Casey Redmon and all of you lightning callers. Additional thanks to Lydia Alemu, KSantos, Michael Cruz and Gerald Dudley.