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Nov 15, 2019

Gators N' Children

This week the town of Fakahatchee is in an uproar as a local gator farmer, Duck Winters has announced his plans to open a second gator farm right next door to Beauregard Elementary School. The gators will be able to see the children through the chain link fence. Duck Winters got his friend at the city council to help sign off on the basis that gator farming is what's made Fakahatchee great. However, it got snagged in red tape and we'll all be required to vote on it. So I want to know which way are you and your neighbor leaning? Should Fakahatchee get this second gator farm?

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A very special thank you to the following people who helped make this episode possible: CJ Meeks, Ron Babcock, Evan Gaustad, Clint Gage, Sean Bury